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As a complete soccer education provider we offer:

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Team Camps
Individual & Small Group Camps
1st Touch Camp
Mini Kickers Camp
Goalkeeping Camp
Striker Camp
Speed / Agility Camp
Skills Camp
Fitness Camp
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Team Camps

Whether your team is Competitive, Recreational, Intramural, Travel, Select, Premier, College or Professional, British European Soccer Training Team Camps can be structured around the needs of YOUR team and will raise your level of playing success. A third of each session is dedicated to the individual needs of each team member in a technical Aerobic and Anaerobic training program designed and mastered by British European Soccer Training and widely regarded as one of the most effective Youth training programs throughout Europe and the United States.

The remainder of each session will cover all the needs of being a team player from positional play, to formations, defensive third, through to the attacking third, combination plays, principles of attack and defense, 1v1 attack, marking and closing players down through man-to-man and zone defending, support & off-ball movement, developing team speed in attack: receiving and passing quickly to create space in width and depth, pressure, cover, balance, reading the field, vision and anticipation, communication, and individual tactical responsibilities.

Every aspect will be covered in this intense and tactical training that will have every team player comfortable with the role that they are expected to play for the team. British European Soccer Training can help your team become a WINNING TEAM!

Individual & Small Group Camps

We offer private or small group training sessions for players seeking accelerated progress in their skills such as fast footwork, passing, receiving under pressure, tackling, shooting, heading, volleying, finishing, turning, creativity with the ball, etc.

Individual skill development is sometimes most effective when a player has the opportunity for one-on-one instruction. Our trainers are experts who can immediately assess skill development needs and provide the targeted instruction to meet those specific needs. This level of training may make the significant difference in the successes you seek to achieve. Sessions can focus on areas requiring technical development, improve the all-round game, or event preparation such as a Club or ODP try-outs.

The benefits of one-to-one, or very small group numbers include:
Concentration of coaches attention on one player
Constant feedback and support
Appropriate level of the sessions that will always be specific to the needs of the player
Opportunity for rapid learning and player development
More opportunity for communication between coach and player

Typically, we offer a number of these sessions as a package, addressing a specific playing need or working toward an event such as a try-out.

1st Touch Camp

This is designed to instill a passion and love for the game at early age. The aim is to improve dribbling skills, ball control, and confidence all while having as much fun as possible. The British European Soccer Training 1st touch programs are the perfect introduction to soccer basics, developing and mastering ball handling skills, promoting physical fitness, creating a positive attitude, developing coordination, and sportsmanship. Skills are reinforced throughout via numerous fun and exciting games. They key is for each player to have a blast while the skill set is being developed.

Instructor ratios are kept small to ensure each child gets the much needed individual attention.
We know the importance of first getting kids interested and motivated before they are able to absorb the necessary lessons.
We believe it is our duty and privilege to get your kids started off right, and develop a passion for the game that will last a lifetime.

What they learn:

How to have fun with a soccer ball
Fun games that incorporate coordination, sportsmanship and team work
How to socialize with other kids in a team-like environment

Mini Kickers - a program especially for younger players ages 6-7 years old. The British European Soccer Training professional, experienced instructors use games that your child will enjoy and that engage them in physical activity, promote physical fitness, create self-confidence while introducing them to the game of soccer and a team environment. The British European Soccer Training Program introduced in the early years provides a good foundation for success in soccer. During this period of development from 6 to 8 years of age, children's actual skill levels will vary. Soccer is a great way to develop the individual ball skills and techniques, and get them moving & motivated while having fun! No previous experience is necessary to participate in this program.

What they learn:
Basics rules of the game
Simple dribbling and ball control
Passing and receiving
1 v 1 attacking / defending
Team work
Goalkeeping Camp - In the game of soccer no position has as great an impact on the success or failure of a team than the goalkeeper. The position requires bravery, excellent hand/eye coordination and outstanding reflexes. It also demands a tactical undertanding that goes beyond what other members on the team possess.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Goalie Training Sessions are available for boys and girls of all ages. Whether you want help with specific Technical or Tactical elements or you want to become a great all-around goalkeeper, we can customize a program to fit your needs and accomplish your goal. This camp is designed to push goalkeepers to new levels and help maximize their potential.

Our Goalkeeper Camp is specifically designed to improve the physical and technical skills of the goalie and teach them to fine-tune their techniques and skills giving them the confidence and poise needed in the final line of defense to make the game winning save!

Technical: proper catching & handling techniques, proper footwork & balance, collapse diving & power diving, tipping and parring balls, break-aways and smother saves, stopping penalty kicks, crossed aerial balls and boxing, pass-back rule, ball distribution, exercises for the improvement of vertical jump, and controlling the goal area.

Tactical: anticiaption and decision making, organizing the defense, pass-back rule, angle play and tactical positioning, starting positions, defending restart situations, reading the game, establishing tempo / initiating the attack, game communication skills, and sweeper-keeper tactics.

Mental: leadership, self-confidence, positiive projection, training ethics, handling pressure, self-analysis, self-energizing, staying centered and focused.

Physical: proper warm-up, effective cool down, injury prevention, flexibility and coordination, speed and agility, strength building, pressure training, balance, nutrition, and year-round conditioning.

Striker Camp - This camp is about scoring goals! Learning the attacking skills necessary to give your team the edge. Power & placement shooting, headers, volleys, toe pokes, combination play to create space, penalty kicks, corner kicks, bicycle kicks and more!

We teach and develop technique for striking the ball with different parts of the foot to improve accuracy such as: instep drive, side volleys, chipping over the keeper and the banana shot; attacking 1 vs. 1 and beating a defender and keepers; shooting penalty kicks; shooting free kicks in and around the penalty box area; scoring from a break away and ability to manipulate the path of the ball out of the keepers reach.

In addition, players are taught to recognize scoring opportunities and decide on the easiest way to put the ball in the goal; how to create space in the penalty box and combination play outside the penalty box. Combined with power, speed, and anticipation, a player will learn what is necessary to be an effective finisher for their team!

Speed / Agility Camp - Develops the techniques and training regimens that give you speed, power and quickness while boosting agility and balance, too. Players will train to improve their technical ability to take on players with the ball with speed, control, and confidence. British European Soccer Training trainers focus on enhancing a player's capacity to dribble the ball with proper technique and the necessary speed, to change direction to avoid pressure, and be explosive when attacking space.

Players will develop the ability to stay composed under pressure and maintain possession in tight spaces with limited time using their foot skills and being creative. In addition, we will work on a player's defensive skills by focusing on their angle of approach, balance, aggressiveness, timing, and the ability to anticipate the play.

Skills Camp - intensive skills work, as well as tactical awareness. Work on advanced ball handling and ball control habits in these intense fast footwork sessions. We will hone dribbling, movement & penetration techniques, fakes and more to beat opponents in challenging drills and simulated match situations. Boost goal-scoring ability with a variety of ball striking and volleying techniques for success in the offensive end of the field.

New concepts are introduced while reinforcing skills already learned. Emphasis is placed on the development, improvement and refinement of skills. Technique, touch and awareness are the building blocks of our system. The end result of this intensive program is a self-assured, confident, field smart, team player able to adapt to any game situation or condition.

AND... Fitness, Recreational & Summer Camps too!