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As a complete soccer education provider we offer:

Director of Coaching
Game Day Coaching
Team Training
Goalkeeper Training
Functional Training Sessions
Structured Try Outs and Evaluation
Coach Education and Training Seminars
Club Training Modules
UK Player Exchange Programs
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Director of Coaching

One of our many British European Soccer Training experienced coaching professionals can work full-time for your club in this critical role. They will design and organize the entire coaching syllabus for your clubs training program, by overseeing and ensuring the quality of all sessions throughout the season. In addition, they can conduct coach education clinics for coaches and parents, and monitor the delivery of the program over the year.

Game Day Coaching

British European Soccer Training will provide experienced and licensed coaches to supervise teams at practices, games, and tournaments throughout the season. This service ensures that all players receive the right pre-game preparation, player/team game support, and post game analysis... it's the proven way to maximize your team's potential.

Team Training

Our team training program is designed to offer teams that already have a Coach additional training services that ensure teams are performing at their optimum level. Often a team with a volunteer/parent coach will utilize this service. In addition, teams who have professional coaches may utilize a trainer to provide players with a different "voice" or training technique.

Whether your team is a high level premier team or plays at a recreational level our staff can create a custom training package that fits your team's needs and schedule. By working closely with team coaches, British European Soccer Training can design and deliver a training program appropriate to the team abilities and requirements. Sessions will be specifically tailored to your team based on the chosen system of play, the desired style of play, and your players' strengths and weaknesses.

The training will improve each player's physical, psychological, technical, and tactical understanding of the game. Teams may also choose to work on specific facets of the game such as: set plays, formations, positional training (to assist with the understanding of each position), and many more.

There are many options available and working with a British European Soccer Training team trainer will bring a high level of training and coaching to your community - on your fields - with your players. British European Soccer Training welcomes the opportunity to design a program for your team!

Goalkeeper Training

The British European Soccer Training coaches have experience working with goalkeepers, and have specific sessions to develop players in this key position. In addition, a British European Soccer Training consultant is available to deliver programs specifically designed to cater to the individual physical and technical demands of the goalkeeper. Work on positioning, catching and making that great save!

Functional Training Sessions

These programs offer functional training across the range of soccer skills, such as catering for the specific needs of forwards, midfield or defense. For example, British European Soccer Training will design a program that works with all the forwards at a club for six weeks. These programs are aimed toward the more motivated players and teams looking for advancement in their game performances.

Structured Try Outs and Evaluation

Tryouts are the best way to ensure an unbiased opinion in putting together a team. British European Soccer Training will supply experienced coaches to evaluate the players, or even to conduct the whole session. We can include a number of skills-based exercises to put players at ease despite the pressure of the try-out situation, and allow the players to perform to the maximum of their ability. This in turn allows you to select the best players for your team, without the problems that can go with this difficult job.


Contact David Pettican at for more information on how your club could raise much needed funds by hosting British European Soccer Training camps.

Coach Education and Training Seminars

The content of the Coach Education and Training Seminar clinics varies according to your requirements. Example clinics include but are not limited to:
Developing Fundamental Skills for 6 to 8 year olds
Passing and Movement
Effective wide play
Shooting and Finishing
Defending as a team
Team Structure, Shape, Systems of Play
Attack and defensive principles
Group and team play
Individual technical/tactical abilities
Game analysis and evaluations
Team and game management
And... Club Training Modules, UK Player Exchange Programs, & UK Tours